BRACLI pearl string lingerie

Bracli: the pearl string lingerie designed for pleasure

Bracli  is the Spanish lingerie brand that invented “The Original Pearl Thong” which adorns, hugs and teases the vulva step after step.⁣

BRACLI lingerie packaging

If you grew up on bread and SATC (Sex and the City for you muggles), then you’ll remember the episode where a worried Samantha, wearing a long dress and high heels, starts running up 11 flights of stairs, sure to catch her lover Richard cheating on her, but ends up stopping after 8 floors to take off the pearl thong he gave to her and finally return it to him (and dump him) once at destination. That was a Bracli thong.⁣

Hipnosis Pink

The name ‘Bracli’ is coined from the words Braga (Spanish for underwear) & Clítoris and leaves no doubt about the brand’s purpose: combining beautiful lingerie and clitoral stimulation in an original product that pleases sight, mind and body.

BRACLI lingerie intimo perle

These pics date back to more than a year ago, before my coming out (back when my buttock was more visible then my face). We had received from Bracli two pieces of the iconic pearls string lingerie and we wanted to show them involving someone other than me in the shooting. When Tia reached us at the location she was little more than a perfect stranger to us. We met her randomly on some regular morning and we had a little talk between our errands and hers. At some point, Ivano asked her if she’d be interested in participating in some shots and she said yes, even though she wasn’t used to staying in front of the lens but only behind the camera, shooting street photography. During the photoshoot we chatted and shared slices of life. She is a resourceful, cheerful, creative woman (and mum) and her life is a long and fascinating journey that started in Java island and continued in Italy, in Turin, for love. A kind of love that turned into something limiting for her as a woman, a wife, a mum, a human being. When we crossed paths, she was rediscovering herself, saying goodbye to the travel companions who had clipped her wings and welcoming the new ones who would help her exploring new paths, freer and brighter..

Bracli & g reggiseno e perizoma

It’s always amazing experimenting with how photography can bring people together and build intimacy from scratch.⁣

I’m deeply grateful to each of the persons who trust us and decide to bare both body and mind, as well as to Ivano who – thanks to his professionalism, respect and (self-)irony – is able to create a free and safe space where you can just be yourself.⁣

In these pics Tia wears Bracli & G, one of the boldest and most singular pieces by the brand: the thong designed for the erotic stimulation that turns into a sort of sex toy.

The pearl  string is sewed at the thong lace only on the front. By undoing the bow on the back, you release the ring of pearls at the end of the string. From this moment on, the thong turns into a sort of sex toy: you just have to make a knot at the end of the string of pearls and slide it inside the vagina. The internal stimulation can come from the use of your fingers or the penis motion during penetrative sex, while the external string of pearls keeps sliding over the vulva stimulating the clitoris. ⁣


Bracli & G is also the name of one of the two convertible lingerie collections providing (also) internal stimulation. The other one is Vienna and both of them include bodysuits and different models of thongs with the ring-shaped ending  to be used to explore pleasure.

The matching bra, worn by Tia, is called G-Bra.

My thong is Hipnosis and it’s one of the few pieces en rose, in limited edition.


Every lingerie piece is made with synthetic pearls of Manacor made in Majorca that perfectly mirror the cultured pearls in colour, sheen, lustre, texture and strength.



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