Joyboxx contenitore igienico sex toy
Joyboxx sistema di igienizzazione sex toy

Joyboxx: the safest secret place for your sex toys

Joyboxx is what you get when you think inside the box: the world’s first and only patented hygienic storage system for sex toys. It’s designed and now also manufactured in America and keeps your sex toys safe from prying eyes, dust, germs and bacteria before, during and after play.

When I received my Joyboxx I thought it was just a box with some holes. After I used it, I wondered how a product like that could not exist in the multi-billion dollar pleasure product industry until three years ago.
I mean, there isn’t an alternative as safe and hygienic as Joyboxx: drawers, soft pouches and various boxes just cannot guarantee proper ventilation and protection.

Joyboxx + Playtray: the perfect match

Joyboxx is made of a high-quality, food-grade, non-porous polypropylene that is recyclable, BPA and Phthalate-Free. It is formulated with an antimicrobial agent mixed directly into the plastic so it doesn’t wash off.
10 ventilation holes protected under the lid help moisture evaporate and keep dust out. A larger USB charging hole is installed in the back.

foro per cavo di ricarica sex toy
USB charging hole

Joyboxx consists of different parts customizable by colour and is sold with Playtray, a removable internal divider that you can use to organise the toys into the box or as a washing and drying rack on which to place the toys before and after use.

Playtray divisorio e supporto per sex toy

Joyboxx comes with slide lock and a free mini-combo lock included. There’s also an easy access top compartment integrated into the lid, ideal for small lightweight items such as condoms, batteries, charging cables or for everyday small objects that can throw off the curious.

vano per preservativi contenitore sex toy Joyboxx
Integrated top compartment

It’s also good for storing anything you want to hide in the home or while travelling such as medications, bathroom products, cosmetics, food.

There’s also the cannabis-themed Stashboxx edition suggested for protecting marijuana and medication stash and to keep the special brownies away from the wrong person. It comes with an air-tight
 free small smell-proof bacìggie recommended for storing perishable marijuana and marijuana edible products.

A bit like a secret diary, a bit like the black box of pleasure

The lock reminds me the one of the secret diary we used to fill with all our childhood/adolescence dreams, wishes, outbursts and love troubles we wouldn’t tell anyone else.
In the same way, Joyboxx is the safe and secret space for the objects that tell our story as pleasure seekers.

But you can also store your toys right after use and before to clean them without bacteria growing on, thanks to the antimicrobial additive incorporated into your Joyboxx. Tn this sense, it’s also kind of a black box of pleasure, guarding the memories, still damp, of your last steamy experience.

contenitore igienico e supporto per sex toy
Joyboxx + Playtray

Or you can put your damp toys on the PlayTray to protect furniture, towels and other surfaces from stains. It comes free with Joyboxx and is sold separately and available in different colours.

Both Joyboxx and PlayTray are dishwasher safe so easy to clean.

My Joyboxx

My Joyboxx is always in my bedroom, in the shelf above my bed, among the lubes, and tells about my preferences when it comes to sex toys: I use it to keep the toys I use more often handy. The rest are spread across the bookshelf in the living room.

contenitore sex toy
My Joyboxx

Next to it, within my reach, there’s PlayTray, the object that put an end to the lube stains on the surfaces around the bed that I hope the landlords will never find out.

I found Joyboxx and PlayTray as useful and practical as simple.

The only limit (if we really want to find one) is in the top compartment depth that takes up a lot of space in the box, making it tricky to place many sex toys or the bulky ones. But unless you are sex toy testers or supersize fans, it shouldn’t be an issue.

And the Joyboxx is so well designed, I first thought that I could’ve used a handle, but then I found out it’s actually integrated into the shape of the box. Next time I’ll take it on vacation with me I’ll now ho to… well, handle it. 🙂

Joyboxx contenitore sex toy sulla spiaggia

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