A seven-days long quickie (news): sex on top of the Great Pyramids, Pornhub’s annual statistics

A brief overview of what’s happened over the last week #InSearchOfPleasure.

Picture of a couple having sex on top of the Great Pyramid of Giza sparks global outrage

A Danish photographer sparked outrage in Egypt after posting a picture of himself appearing to have sex with a woman, both naked, atop the Great Pyramid of Giza – the oldest of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.
There’s also a video posted on YouTube on December 8 (I’ll save you time: there are just pixels climbing to the top, then pixels taking the top off. The end.)

What started out as a prank in search for virality ended up as a diplomatic incident.
At first, Egyptian authorities tried claiming the footage was fake.
Then the photographer denied having sex on top of the pyramid and said they were merely posing for the photo shoot.
Then the authorities arrested a camel tour operator who helped the two getting to the Pyramid and a girl who facilitated their mission.
Then the Cairo appeals court released both of them on bail.
Eventually, the photographer said the right thing: that he won’t visit Egypt in the coming period in order not to get arrested.

Pornhub’s 2018 insights

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Pornhub released its 6th annual Year in Review, a recap of what shaped the porn searches in 2018. I’m going to sum it up for you.

There’s no downturn in porn: there was an increase of 5 billion visits over 2017.

If you want to know how many people visit Pornhub every day, you have to combine the populations of Canada, Poland and Australia: it results in a daily average of 92 million visitors.

We also know that users believe in a better Pornhub: more than 141 million people (more people than voted in the last U.S. presidential election) took the time to vote for their favourite videos.

There’s no downturn also for Kim Kardashian: her sex tape is still Pornhub’s most watched video of all time at 195 million views.

According to the searches that defined 2018, Pornhub users never lose touch with reality. In fact, they are deeply influenced by mainstream media and pop culture events. Stormy Daniels came in first on our list as she was in the news several times this year. The search Fortnite skyrocketed each time a new character was released. Third on the list comes 4k, with a significant increase in popularity throughout the year.

Porn lovers are actually romantics at heart. In fact, the popularity of Romantic videos more than doubled, and remained twice as popular with female visitors when compared to men.
Some things never change: 2018’s top 4 searches by volume remained the same from 2017 – lesbian, hentai, milf and stepmom.

Porn: preferably without food, during weekends. Peak viewing times are usually from 10 pm to Midnight, while the most popular day to visit Pornhub is Sunday (Friday tends to have the lowest traffic).

The proportion of female visitors grew to 29% throughout the year.

Millennials (aged 18 to 34) are eating the biggest slice of porn (61%), but the proportion of 18 to 24-year-old visitors dropped by 3 percentage points, while 25 to 34-year-olds grew by the same 3 points.

TV and sport come first: Pornhub’s traffic drops systematically during live streaming show (like the Apple Special Event, responsible for a -11% traffic drop), TV and sporting events (like the Super Bowl) and also award shows. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Royal Wedding caused a -10% drop in worldwide traffic compared to an average day.
The biggest traffic drop is obviously caused by New Year’s Eve, when (nearly) everybody finds something to do (the average traffic drop worldwide is just about 44%).

German Christmas markets are different: incredibly sexy and queer

Every year Hamburg hosts two quite unusual versions of the famous German Christmas market.

One is the Santa Pauli, in the heart of the Reeperbahn red light district, the sexiest market ever. As per tradition you can find mulled wine, wurst and Christmas decorations, but also sex toys, stripteases, drag queens, the porn version of every sort of entertainment (porn bingo, porn karaoke, stuff like that), sex-themed decorations and drinks (like the Bordsteinschwalbe – slang for prostitute – or the Nussknacker  – the nutcracker).

St Georg district hosts the Winter Pride, a queer Christmas market. Beyond the pink gate, you find mulled wine, punch, sweets and a wide program of events and live DJ set. Some of the highlights are the Homo-Herzblatt (homo sweetheart), where you can ask for a boyfriend, and the Schrottwichteln (rubbish secret Santa).

Ireland’s abortion bill passed final stage in Senate

After 35 years and a referendum (last May) where over 66% voted to repeal the Eight Amendment which banned abortion: the bill to legalise abortion services in Ireland has passed all stages in the Irish Senate. It will now be given to President Michael D Higgins to be signed into law. Then, the first termination of pregnancy will be legally available from January 2019.
According to the new law, abortion services will be provided up to 12 weeks of pregnancy, or where there is a risk of fatal foetal abnormality and the risk to life or health of the pregnant woman (compared to 24 weeks in the UK).

100 girls for 50 men: Sex Island party has started

An island off of the North of Trinidad, carded as a ‘Sex Island Party’, hosted a 4-day 3-night party for men with non-stop sex, drugs and alcohol. The 6.000 dollar ticket included “unlimited sex with two girls per day, all meals and snacks, all the alcohol you desire, airport pick-up and drop-off, yacht parties, bedrooms with showers, large closets, air-conditioning, Wi-Fi, and unlimited condoms”. Organisers also assured a drug-friendly environment and girls “tested and free of any sexual diseases”. If 49 men paid handsomely to access the Party of Perdition, one of the tickets was offered for free with a contest that happened to be won by a 16-years-old who would have taken advantage of the stroke of luck to have sex for the first time.

Brain orgasm among Instagram’s 2018 highlights

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Instagram started saying goodbye to 2018 looking back at the contents that defined this year. This week they posted a video about ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response), that tingling sensation triggered by specific auditory or visual stimuli and experienced on the skin, that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine. There are more than 13 million ASMR videos on YouTube. The one chosen by Instagram is from soapcurls_asmr, a channel focused on soap cutting, shaving, crunching, and crushing videos meant to help relieve anxiety and provide aid with falling asleep.

Google Translate fights gender bias one translation at a time


Google has had some issues with gender parity, so now is trying to reduce gender bias by providing both a feminine and masculine translation when translating from languages with gender-neutral words. Previously, Google would default gender-neutral words to the masculine form.
As Google Translate learns from hundreds of millions of already-translated examples from the web, it often inadvertently replicated gender biases that already existed in cultures. “For example: it would skew masculine for words like ‘strong’ or ‘doctor,’ and feminine for other words, like ‘nurse’ or ‘beautiful.'”
Google also said they’re planning to address non-binary gender in translations.

Germany approved the third gender option on official forms

In 2013, Germany became the first European nation to allow intersex people – who do not identify as either male or female and may be born with untypical sexual anatomy – to leave the gender options of male and female blank.
Now the government has passed a change in law that allows opting for a third gender option in official documents. The new term adopted for intersex people is ‘divers‘ (diverse).

Sex with balloons is a thing

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A German 31-year-old woman, who also happens to be the CEO of Balloons United – an online shop of balloons of every shape, size, material, colour – has revealed she’s using balloons as sex toys and to have sex on top of.
According to her, the thrill comes from knowing the balloon could pop at any moment.
I know you’re thinking it’s a marketing strategy, and that’s probably what it is. But if you go look up Wikipedia, you’ll find a whole page about “balloon fetish”.

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