girl holding Womanizer Duo dual stimulation sex toy

Womanizer Duo: the orgasmic fusion of suction and vibration – Review


Duo is the sex toy with an alien aesthetic for it’s simultaneous double stimulation of the vagina and the clitoris.

It is essentially the higher evolutionary stage of the rabbit – the most famous sex toy whose (often poor) orgasmic properties are still preceded by the fame conferred to it by an old episode of Sex and The City (this is certainly one of the few truly successful examples of rabbit).

Womanizer Duo packaging

The spaceship shape of the Duo comes from the fusion of two sex toys – a “clit sucker” (like this one) and a vibrator for internal, vaginal use – and two types of stimulation – suction and vibration.


The vaginal stimulator is curved to stimulate the upper part of the vagina (anterior wall) and reach the area that is called the ‘G spot’. The tip is wider than the rest of the arm so to stimulate the vaginal entrance when the sex toy is inserted.

The vibrations are rumbly and deep but gentle (they never reach a “blender effect”). They are adjustable on 12 different intensities and on 10 patterns that create different sequences of vibration rhythms.

water drops on Womanizer Duo

Clitoral suction

The wide and oval body with the spout stimulates the clitoris with air waves that are sent under pressure and decompression by moving a soft membrane and creating a sucking and massaging effect on the clitoris. This technology is common to all the various “clitoris suckers” that have populated the market for some time, and that changes its name depending on the brand that uses it, but in fact the underlying principle is always the same. Womanizer calls this technology Pleasure Air (and who are we to contradict them, considering we are talking about the brand that invented and donated the world’s first clit-sucker?!).

This stimulation is also adjustable over a wide range of intensity (12).

If we compare the two stimulations, the suction reaches higher and more powerful intensities than the vibration.

Unlike the other Womanizer “clitoral suckers”, Duo’s spout is not oval but round.

Womanizer Duo what's in the box

Blended Orgasm

The Blended Orgasm is a very intense orgasm that results from the overlapping of simultaneous orgasms coming from the combined stimulation of several erogenous areas of the body. And it is an achievable goal (also) with sex toys made for double stimulation, like Duo. The result (in cases where orgasm is possible and you want to achieve it) is a kind of more enveloping pleasure, a sum of pleasures.


The two stimulations are produced by two motors that can be controlled separately with the various buttons.

Duo’s interface has, in fact, 6 buttons: this requires a minimum of initial study to understand which one is for what, but it allows you to customize the stimulation and the use experience as you like.

The on / off button is far from all the others, in a difficult place to reach when using the Duo, so that it cannot be pressed unintentionally, interrupting the pleasure moment.

Two buttons control the intensity of the suction and, if desired, allow you to deactivate the motor. Two other buttons control the intensity of the vibration (which can also be disabled individually). A last button allows you to select between the vibration patterns.

Womanizer Duo sex toy

Quiet, Duo is talking

When Duo is turned on, absolutely nothing happens (the only indicator is visual and it is the white light that turns on inside the spout), because it uses the Smart Silence technology, which activates the stimulation only when the spout of the Duo meets the skin.

This is because the Duo is designed to be taken, inserted into the vagina from the long arm and then approached to the clitoris by the spout.

However, masturbation is not a mechanical sequence of movements and each person has their own masturbation routine made up of gestures, movements, stimulations that can be used to explore pleasure gradually. For example, some bodies may need time (to “warm up”) before practicing penetration and may begin with external stimulation of the vulva (perhaps with the vibrations of the long arm, if these would activate regardless of the contact of the spout with the body).

The Smart Silence function is undoubtedly convenient and intelligent when you want to intersperse the use of Duo with other stimulations without having to switch it off and on again every time.

Anatomical limit

Like the rabbit, this type of “multifunction” sex toy for double stimulation has an intrinsic limitation: by proposing to stimulate two different areas of the body simultaneously, with a single object, it is clear that the probability that the various stimulating extremities match up with the “right” points of the body depends on the peculiar anatomy of each individual body (on the size and distance of these areas, etc.).

Womanizer Duo with charging cable
USB magnetic charging cable

Moreover, Duo stimulates two erogenous areas that respond differently to different stimulations. The G-spot area, for example, responds well to vibration but also, and above all, to pressure. The latter, however, is a bit difficult to practice because while using it, Duo lends itself to minimal movements to prevent the spout from losing contact with the clitoris.


Womanizer Duo flexible arm

Considering the anatomical limits, a really important property of Duo is the flexibility of the vibrating arm which allows to try different angles and inclinations fitting the shape of Duo to the body while using it.

Duo lovers

To fully enjoy the orgasmic potential of Duo, you must have explored and played around with your body before (we discourage masturbation first timers). For those who are familiar with double stimulation (or those who have tried it at least once with pleasure) and appreciate both penetration and stimulation of the clitoris, this sex toy can be the ultimate pleasure weapon.

I Masturbate card Womanizer

In the box:

  • Duo
  • Soft bag with two charms (one of which can be used as a mini flogger)
  • Magnetic USB charging cable
  • User manual
  • ‘I Masturbate’ card

Duo is also IPX7 waterproof (meaning it withstands immersion in water up to 1m depth for 30 minutes).

Womanizer Duo inside the satin bag
Womanizer Duo inside the satin bag included in the packaging

Final Pleasure Report

It's an exquisite fusion of simultaneous intense stimulations able to unleash an immersive pleasure
Noise - (it has 2 motors working simultaneously, consider that!)
Ease of use - you can use it with 1 hand but 2 is better!
Ease of hiding
Adaptability to the body
Ease of care
Design (functionality + aesthetics)
When it fits to one's anatomy, it unleashes an intense and immersive pleasure
Wide range of intensities and customizations of the stimulation
Stimulations can be turned on and off separately
You can’t activate the stimulation if the spout is not touching your skin
Although it’s flexible, the adaptability depends on the anatomy of each specific body

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