Womanizer Premium Eco

Womanizer Premium Eco: first biodegradable, recyclable, vegan-friendly sex toy

The ethical choice
Where to buy it

Womanizer Premium Eco is the first biodegradable and recyclable and vegan-friendly sex toy ever produced. 

For the first time, the pleasure objects industry has made a commitment to the environment and has developed a sex toy taking an ethical and sustainable perspective on every phase from manufacturing to end-of-life, managing to minimize the environmental impact without missing out on design, functionality and pleasurability.

This is particularly relevant for the wide production of battery-powered sex toys made from polymers. In the past two decades, materials like silicone and ABS were established as the standard for the production of sex toys that are body-safe, durable, easy to clean and to store, and able to withstand and absorb vibrations and oscillations (which are actually the same thing) without suffering changes, fractures, deformation.

Some of the existing sex toys are biodegradable (like wooden ones, depending on the coating) or recyclable (like some of the glass ones, depending on the type of glass), but they’re still little known and rare and they are mostly dildos or anal plugs with no electronic part that provide a very different kind of stimulation. They only represent a tiny slice of the market so they don’t really make a significant difference.

Womanizer Premium Eco packaging

Womanizer Premium Eco

What makes Premium Eco so unique is a series of features combined into a single product for the first time.

Womanizer Premium Eco open box

The material: Biolene

Almost every plastic part of the Womanizer Premium (which was previously made from ABS or silicone) was replaced with Biolene, a plant-based biopolymer made from renewable natural sources – mostly corn starch – which is recyclable and biodegradable. Biolene allows to reduce the impact during the production process (requiring less energy and producing less greenhouse gas emissions) and to minimize waste at the end of the toy’s life.

holding Womanizer Premium Eco

Modular design

To make recyclability effective and possible, Premium Eco was designed with a modular design. This means that, at the end of its life, it can be completely disassembled (with no need to unleash your inner MacGyver) and all its parts can be individually recycled accordingly to their material.

The rechargeable, removable and replaceable battery makes Premium Eco virtually eternal (at its end-of-life, ours will be probably turned into a piece of art and gloriously hung on the wall of the living room. Long live the Premium Eco).

Even the charging cable was trimmed down to reduce the footprint.

Womanizer Premium Eco with magnetic USB charging cable

Plastic-free packaging

The packaging is completely plastic-free, made from recycled, FSC-certified materials. The storage soft pouch included in the package, which is usually made from synthetic fibres, is now made from organic cotton.

Womanizer Premium Eco recycled packaging
Womanizer Premium Eco organic cotton soft pouch

Orgasms that save the planet

Before the release of Premium Eco, Womanizer launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to support the non-profit organization One Tree Planted: all the funds raised (more than € 20k) will be donated to support a women’s cooperative in Rwanda that’s working to preserve and restore the local biodiversity and to counteract the effects of deforestation. It’s also committed to improving the livelihoods of vulnerable people, through sustainable agricultural practices, and promoting cultural values and natural heritage conservation. The co-op ensures food security for the women and their families and contributes to their social and financial empowerment.

In addition, for every Womanizer Premium Eco purchased (during the launch and in the future), Womanizer will plant a tree.

Womanizer Premium Eco on legs

Premium vs Premium Eco

Pleasure Air Technology

Like all Womanizer toys, Premium Eco features the Pleasure Air Technology: this technology invented by Womanizer is what makes a “clit-sucker”… a clit-sucker! It works producing changes in air pressure that generates soft waves that massage and stimulate the clitoris with suction and pulsation effects without touching the glans.

Womanizer Premium Eco coming out of soft pouch

The material

Premium is the highest form of clitoral massage produced by Womanizer, the signature sex toy with the highest number of functions and the one more treated in detail. The original (non-eco) version is made from ABS and silicone, two body-safe polymers that are no great friends of the environment. In the eco version, they are replaced with Biolene in almost every component. Only the stimulation head is still made from silicone. Whereas Premium’s body is covered in a soft-touch, velvety material that’s very pleasant to the touch but also works as a magnet for dust and lint, Premium Eco’s body is smooth, rigid and hard and so more practical and easy to keep clean (and still very pleasant to the touch).

Womanizer Premium Eco what's in the box

Water resistance

Unlike Premium, Premium Eco is not waterproof but splash-proof. It means it can withstand splashes of water but it cannot be submerged or put under running water (so you can’t use it in the bath or shower). This is obviously due to the modular design that doesn’t allow to have the battery slot and the electrical parts completely sealed.

However, the removable stimulation head and the smooth surface make it easy to clean: you can simply wash the head under running water and then use a damp cloth to clean the body and the mouth and finally dry everything. You can also apply some toy cleaner on the whole surface of the toy if you want. Overall, this is a very little to no price to pay, and let’s face it: if we really want to embrace a more sustainable life, we also need to start saving water!

Womanizer Premium Eco held in hand


Stimulation intensity: both Premium and Premium Eco have 12 intensity levels that cover a very wide range, adapting to both sensitive and power-seeker bodies.

Smart Silence: both the models feature this technology that makes the stimulation start only once the head meets the body. That’s why it looks like nothing happens right after you turn the toy on (except for the LED lighting up). You can disable Smart Silence by holding the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons simultaneously for 2 seconds. Other than preserving battery life, it makes Premium more silent (in fact, when the Smart Silence is deactivated and you’re not using the toy but just holding it, so the stimulation head is not pressed against your body, the device is noisier).

Autopilot: Premium Eco doesn’t feature the Autopilot function anymore. In the Premium version, when switched on, Autopilot allows the toy to take control of the stimulation and lets the intensity change randomly and automatically without pressing any button. Let’s say it, it’s no great loss: I tried it once and I never used it again, as I prefer to always have control over my pleasure (and listen to my body) rather than hand it over to the toy.

Womanizer Premium Eco with interchangeable stimulation head

Interchangeable stimulation head

Like Premium, Premium Eco comes with 2 stimulation heads of different sizes, one shorter and with a smaller hole (S), one higher and with a bigger hole (M), to adapt to different anatomies. You can also buy them separately at the official online store.


Premium Eco has a very simple interface with only 2 buttons. Compared to Premium, there’s no longer the Autopilot button (because… there’s no longer an Autopilot mode!) and no separate button to switch the toy on and off. You turn it ON or OFF by holding down the ‘+’ or ‘-‘ button for 2 seconds. By pressing them rapidly, instead, you increase/decrease the stimulation intensity level. The two buttons have different sizes so that you can recognize them by touch during use. Close to the buttons, there’s a LED indicator that provides feedback whether the device is switched on/off, fully charged/low in battery.


Premium Eco comes at the same price as Premium: €189. Biolene makes the production more expensive compared to more common plastics like ABS, so I guess the company decided to give up some extra functions/features so as to not have to raise the price.

Premium Eco falls in a quite high price range if compared to the mass of cheap sex toys available on the market. But if you’re going to draw this line, you also have to draw the one between the companies and brands that do research (on material, design, technology, user experience…) and innovate and the ones that just copy and sell products all alike. As I often say, behind this kind of price tag there’s not just a fine, functional, durable product but also a careful, conscious (and now also ethical and sustainable) planning.

Besides, as @IMthePh would say: can you put a price on your orgasm?

Final thoughts

There was no doubt in my mind about the overall goodness of this sex toy: we’ve been knowing and appreciating the brand Womanizer for some years now. It’s the brand that, in 2014, brought to the world the first contactless air-suction/pulsation clitoral stimulator. And since then, they kept upgrading, improving and innovating this device that revolutionised the experience of pleasure for people with a clitoris, contributing to let the name of this marvellous organ resonate in mass culture which, as we know, still struggles to speak the language of pleasure.

Premium Eco has nothing to envy to Premium.

Womanizer Premium Eco

Perfect Match

Premium Eco is the sex toy for those who have already experienced the joy of playing with their clitoris and want to spoil themselves with an object that’s not just effective but also beautiful, unique and refined.

But above all, it’s the go-to device for people who care about the environment, make ethical purchasing choices and want to be part of this eco-revolution that for the first time empowers the sex toy industry and gives it a sense of responsibility.

‘You may also like’ kind of recommendation

If you enjoy vaginal stimulation on top of (and combined with) clitoral stimulation: Womanizer Duo might be your ultimate choice.

Final Pleasure Report

Womanizer Premium Eco
It's the world first truly sustainable sex toy that cares about the environment without missing out on aesthetic, functionality, practicality and pleasure of use.
Noise (it increases considerably when you increase stimulation intensity)
Ease of use (you can use it with one hand)
Ease of hiding
Adaptability to the body
Ease of care
Remarkably durable, thanks also to the replaceable battery
It can be completely disassembled and recycled at end-of-life
User-friendly interface
Wide intensity range and interchangeable nozzle to adapt to a wide range of sensitivities and anatomies
Available in just one colour (at the moment)
Quite high price tag due to high production costs
The ethical choice
Where to buy it

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